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We are happy that you are here!

We are happy that you are here!

Have you ever realized? Nearly all cities have bridges! Some of them are romantic, others functional or modern. Bridges can be made out of steel, concrete, stone or wood. Nevertheless, there is one thing all bridges have in common: They connect. Bridges link up people, their cultures and markets. Just the same way trade does. Trading means: To set out, to discover, to learn, to understand, to find partners and friends. There is nothing more exciting. Bridges and trade – we love them both. Our trading company is specialized in the German-Japanese market. The riversides of the bridge we walk on can barely be any more different. But that is exactly what makes work so fascinating for us. In this sense: A very warm welcome at JFINEST!


JFINEST brings hand-selected products made by small and medium businesses from Japan to Germany. We are a young team, crazy about design, quality and innovative ideas. Our favorite word is “win-win situation.” Learn more

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